Scope of Services

Strategic Counsel

The scope of work will include strategic navigation and timeline management. This includes key message drafting, key message/public speaking training, & educating our clients on how to best deliver their brand & messages.

Campaign Strategy

Our principles have been involved in thousands of successful personal & public policy campaigns, from the local & statewide to the federal level. Use our experience to guide your campaign from the planning stage to the victory days.

Broadcast Production

Marketplace Communications is committed to telling your story – so much so that we created an in-house, top of the line Broadcast Production Studio.

Collateral Drafting

Drafting & producing of collateral including press packets, advertisements, direct mail, fact sheets. This also includes coordinating educational Legislative/Press drops.

Event Planning

Even in this digital age, we know that meeting people face-to-face makes a difference. We have the relationships & experience to bring it all together. We will plan for your event, regardless of scale: press briefings, luncheons, mixers, & fundraisers. This also includes outreach & assistance to keynote speakers, participants, & attendees.

Crisis Communications

We are there for our clients during their most challenging moments. We know how to respond quickly & appropriately in times of messaging emergencies, & we are here to change the landscape to turn difficulties into opportunities.

Brand Development

From design to marketing, this includes creating & raising your brand platform.

Rachel's Desk

Media Relations

Our scope of work will include educating the media on issues critical to our clients & hosting media briefings. We bring our personal experiences as journalists to the table & have relationships that ensure your message will be heard. We place earned media, draft & place opinion editorials, letters to the editor, manage editorial board meetings & conduct paid efforts to shape your message.

Social Media

We coordinate messaging & ensure consistency & branding on all methods of communication, including broadcast video production, Website development, broadcast video production, & coordination & implementation of social media including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Coalition Building

We strategize with our client to get their stories told, not only from our viewpoint, but from the perspective of credible advocates. We develop coalitions with key third party groups, including the formulating & organizing of 501(c)3's & 501(c)4's.

Legislative Education

We subscribe to the old-fashioned idea of the shoe leather approach, the educating of key audiences to the facts & truths behind your brand or project. We have relationships to ensure that your message resonates with policymakers.